The First Online Credit Gateway

The first online credit gateway – Loan and Credit is available to the market that does not yet offer online credit to its customers.

There are many financial, retailer and funding agencies that can now offer credit online to their customers. Below we explain how Loan and Credit can help business owners increase sales and improve relationships with their customers.

Understand What is the First Online Credit Gateway

Understand What is the First Online Credit Gateway

Imagine a supermarket chain that has points of sale in a certain region, and the market also has its own pharmacy and even gas stations. Being a customer of this network is advantageous because the user relies on the name and products offered, securing a card of this network is a step further for loyalty and commerce can offer products and services with exclusive discounts.

This is a cycle that ensures that the retail chain is authoritative in the region where it operates. However, to attract more loyal customers, this network needs to be on the internet and offer this card quickly and reliably. That’s when Loan and Credit works when the retailer needs to reach more people with the help of the internet.

Today Loan and Credit provides a customizable online platform for retail chains, government funding agencies and even financial companies that need to break this barrier by offering their credit lines online and affordably. We work together to build a digital way for the company to reach more customers.

Advantages of Purchasing Loan and Credit

Advantages of Purchasing Loan and Credit

  • Offer retail card online
  • Offer credit and financing, increasing sales and average ticket
  • Offer vehicle financing digitally
  • Offer loan 100% online and without red tape
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Maintain a relationship beyond the physical store
  • Reach users in the digital world
  • Measure results and achievements of your credit offer
  • Count on an anti-fraud system for all proposals made by the platform

Loan and Credit – Step by Step

Loan and Credit - Step by Step

As an online credit gateway, Loan and Credit is available to you to Capture Leads in the best way, either by redirecting your site or with an agent personally making the offer to the customer.

Your customer acquisition process does not change, it only gets better when you offer one more channel to give them access to credit. In real time, it will be possible to simulate the best credit scenario for this user.